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Modell und Rohbau

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Grünpracht nach 2 Jahren

This Willow-Cupola was built in two weeks with 150 school children aged 13-16 from Berlin.The cupola was intended as a  presentation platform for schools in Berlin to present themselves during the summer of the world exhibition at Hannover 2000. All preparatory work such as cutting the willow rods, bending the steel tubes and tailoring the inner tent was realized by diverse trade schools of the city.The Cupola is planted in the park of FEZ ( Freizeit-und Erholungszentrum) The Cupola is still used as a open space for concerts, theaters, workshops, discussions and  spontaneous performances.

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Sanfte Strukturen

Bernadette Mercx, Dorothea Kalb-Brenek Anna Kalberer, Eugen Lüdi, Jacky Roland, Philippe Rohner und mit Schulklassen aus Köln und Berlin

Commissioned by: Grün macht Schule, Berlin
Senatsverwaltung, Berlin  FEZ, Wuhlheide

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