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Weidenblume at MOA, Denver Colorado, June 2010

The first Living-Willow-Architecture in the USA
It was a honor and a big pleasure for us to cooperate with the employees of
the MOA and to realize this 14.00m / 7.00m cupola with
5 niches of 4.00m together. Duration 3 weeks.
Material: 1001 fresh cut willow-rods from California with length of
6.00 - 9.00m; 200m steel tube 3/4" and 3000m of pp-rope 4mm, 5m3 vegetable mold

Eine wachsende Veranstaltungskuppel im Samson Park, Englewood
Museum of Outdoor Arts MOA, Denver/Colorado (

Group Sanfte Strukturen: Marcel Kalberer, Dorothea Kalb-Brenek, Anna
Kalberer, Bernadette Mercx, Peedy Evacic in Zusammenarbeit mit Mitarbeitern
vom MOA: Schuyler Madden, Kelley Bergmann, Tim Vacca, Paul Leitner, Nicole
Banowetz, Paul Wellmann, Will Viitanen

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Aerial view

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the cut willow poles are ready

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First young shots are growing

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Dorothea and Cynthia with a Lark Bunting in the raw mosaic form

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The sighting of a Coyote

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Dorothea and a Lark Bunting - Female

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bird couple in the willow construct

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View of the production

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Sorting of the willow poles in front of the willow works of Patrick Daugherty

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American-european ensemble
Left to right:
Sky Madden - Nicole Barowetz - Paul Leitner - Bernadette Mercx - Peedy
Evacic - Paul Wellmann - Will Viitanen - Anna Kalberer - Dorothea Kalb-Brenek - Marcel Kalberer      
Foto: Tim Vacca

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Green fur 3 years after growth in summer 2013

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